Recessed Aluminium Manhole Covers – Double Sealed VS. Triple Sealed

At Spudulica we stock a wide range of recessed aluminium manhole covers perfect for any flooring finish and keeping your access to underfloor areas clean and safe.

These manhole covers are extruded aluminium so tough and durable once installed.

They feature a silver narrow edge and corner that is the only area that can ben seen once installed and filled. The lifting points are also covered with caps to keep the lifting area clean and ready to be used.

Each cover also comes with a reinforcement mesh to help keep the bedding in layer secure and a set of lifting keys for your sized cover. The covers also come with a T-seal to stop dirt and debris getting into the frame.

Triple sealed – Internal use

2x depth 40mm/60mm

Lifting points have screws that lock into the frame use our provided keys to lock and to lift when needed.

Triple sealed covers lock the cover into the frame

Lifting points threaded for secure lift

Used for internal uses are it meets odour regulations, third seal provides odour proofing.

Shallower depth also available for internal projects with height or specific flooring needs.

Project ideas – Home Extensions that cover former outdoor areas, Bathrooms, Shopping centres, 

Just take a look at some installed covers, they can really add to a flooring finish.

Double sealed  – External use

2x depths 60mm/80mm

Corners/lifting points include screws but they are purely to stop debris filling up the area

Double sealed covers are kept down in the frame by the weight of the recessed covers infill

Lifting points threaded for secure lifting

Deeper options available for more infill  requirements and a heavier weight loading

Project ideas – gardens, 80mm driveways (heavier loading), pedestrian areas,

Just remember how to measure

check out our handy image – Please note manhole covers are sold on aperture size not overall size.

Any queries just get in touch above.

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