Reinforcement Grid – Questions answered


An amazingly versatile product,


what is it?

Where can it be used?

Is it easy to install?

Questions that we always get asked; so, a quick blog to cover these questions!


What is reinforcement grid?

Reinforcement grids are a recycled plastic paving product that increases stability in soil while providing a good level of drainage. In keeping with SUDs (sustainable drainage system) to help reduce the impact of non permeable surfaces and help with surface drainage. 


Where can it be used?

A reinforcement grid is a substitute for other conventional paving, asphalt, concrete. It has a variety of uses in car parks, driveways, paths, garden patios to name a few.

The grid can also be filled with soil and seeded with grass, filled with gravel or even resin bound stone. This also makes it very versatile in the amount of finishes you can create with the product.

How to install?

The base must be prepared; for example the earth is compacted down and large stones removed to create an even and level service. Possibly a geotextile membrane is put down to keep layers separated.

Reinforcement grid is easy to lay and comes in 492 x 492mm sized squares (4.4 per square metre) that have spikes on the underside to secure to the ground and have connections on each side so tiles can be linked together easily.

The pieces are connected to cover the area required.

Make sure grid in pushed down securely into the ground or sub-base.

Cover grid with earth/gravel/resin bound stone. Making sure each piece of grid is filled to capaci

Now you will have a new stable area to enjoy; whether it’s a garden pathway or a driveway for your family car it is a genuine alternative to a non-permeable surface.


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