Resin Bound Stone Driveway – Myths Busted

To be clear we are talking about resin bound stone permeable driveway options not full resin poured options that are not permeable.

With the local government of the UK ensuring that all new/redone driveways must now be permeable a resin bound stone option might be something you consider.

Lets dispel some myths about these projects,

More expensive – Like any DIY project you have a budget and get quotes. Yes Resin is not the cheapest option such as installing a gravel driveway but you get what you pay for. A long term and long lasting solution. Also remember that a resin bound stone option is permeable so won’t need you to apply for building permission from the council so that’s a saving before you even start.

Difficult to repair – If your resin is installed correctly what is there to repair. Also we would suggest you have a resin driveway installed by a reputable company or with some research and planning so that issues don’t occur. If they do you either can call your installer to fix or have the knowledge to do it yourself.

Slippery when wet – Resin bound stone applications do not get slippery when wet. Firstly water move though the stones to filter back to the ground so the driveway surface is not wet. Also once installed the driveway is covered before it dries with powdered glass to help create a polished finish but it also provides a textured surface.

Difficult to clean – No it’s a permeable surface just get out your hose or pressure washer and wash away through the stone. Build-up of green algae or tyre marks may need application of cleaner or herbicide for washing off but that’s it.

Challenging to install – It is a different way to say a traditional tarmac or blocked driveway but all driveway installs usually involve preparing the sub base, compacting, then installing the top finish. A skilled team know what they are doing and a resin finish can be done in 1 day, laying blocks can take a week.

Resin fades in sunlight – The resin binder has been added to so its UV stable, as are the stone finishes.

Water on the surface from cars makes shoes wet – water filters through resin bound stone driveways so that even added water from car tyres and shoes should not cause puddling or waterlogging.

Less choice of colours design – Resin designs and colours are varied. Stone options cover all colours and resin can also be made into designs or patterns so really it up to you to think up the best plans for your space.

Installation take longer –  Resin bound stone installations do take some time to do as the sub base must be prepared, but this is no longer than a traditional paved driveway. Just like a paved driveway a resin bound driveway cannot be walked on for a period once laid. Again its up to you but if you employ the professionals then the job will be done quickly and efficiently.

With Thanks to Altco Liverpool for the installation.

Any queries just call – 0151 515 1415

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