Scrubbies – New to spudulica home and garden

Introducing “Scrubbies” to


A new exciting addition to our catalogue at Spudulica home and garden. A fantastic home product beautifully hand made in spectacular wales.


We cannot be more excited to add them to our store – After using my own scrubbies for 4 months I knew I must get them in stock.

Products that are environmentally conscious are something we all need to consider if we want to enjoy our planet now and into the future. So many products in our day to day life are plastic. This is causing a massive problem within our eco systems around the world.


“71% of plastic waste ever created is still in our environment” –


Scrubbies are the perfect solution and a way to start your plastic free journey.

With a longer lasting and environmentally conscious product that everybody uses within the home.

Replacing plastic disposable sponges within the home.

Look at their fantastic elements!

100% organic cotton

Bamboo Lining

Hessian backed – for even those stubborn bits

100% cotton thread

Beautifully finished with different designs.

As described by their creator as “durable, effective affordable and snazzy”

Lovingly created “to take plastic problems seriously” and that “we need to provide excellent alternatives.”

Plastics take many years to degrade, and even when they do, they only get into smaller and smaller pieces creating micro plastics (5mm or less in size).  These micro plastics are then eaten by fish and can transfer from prey to predator, so they move up the food chain (

Micro plastics are a massive issue and one study found that some fish were even choosing to eat plastics over their natural food causing them to die earlier and not reproduce (the Over time this could cause a break down in food chains putting more pressure on natural ecosystems.


                                                                                                                      Plastic bags – 10-20 years

Nylon – 30-40 years

Cotton shirt – 2-5 weeks


Look how long it takes for certain items to degrade! Shocking!

There is a huge gulf between a natural product like a cotton shirt and a plastic item.

It is up to us within our homes to start making a difference.

The UK government are moving to ban plastic straws stirrers, cotton buds from April 2020 These are the most commonly used and flushed away items that directly enter the rivers, oceans and streams from homes. (


Recycle now recommends using longer lasting products and repairing and reusing items. Using “better” products specified as ones with a lower environmental impact.

This is what Scrubbies are!

Now available!!!

Go get your plastic free journey off to a great start!


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