September in the Garden

September is a busy month at home and the garden. The new school year begins, exam results are in and there are new plans to be made. The seasons are about to change; days are getting shorter and the weather is about to get autumnal. Even with autumn on the way September is a mixed month weather wise from stormy to warm sunshine in 24hours. Is your garden in need of some TLC before the days shorten?? Let’s take out those summer blooming annuals – have they any seeds you can harvest for next spring? Remember to make sure they are dry and store in a dry place ready for next year. If you do take out any annuals now to decide what to with the space?? Always a fun dilemma. September is a good time to plant perennials that can be in your garden for many seasons. Some of these annuals may still be in flower especially if the weather stays warm. Just remember to keep dead heading and you may get more blooms as the month progresses. This is also the same for roses, keep an eye out for when the roses stop flowering then think of pruning them back. Let’s think ahead to next spring bulbs are available now to plant ready for a new spring season. You could also think about a Christmas time display for the garden, maybe some winter bulbs like hyacinth an amaryllis in the garden. Also, in the garden in September you need to continue to keep up with lawn. What about creating a way to feed your garden into the future? Creating a compost bin? Installing water butts? Remember that September weather can be changeable, so it can help pots to be raised u off the ground in case of a cold snap and to continue to protect them into winter. Also lets keep an eye out for next year – a plant you’ve got your eye on?? New bulbs to try?? New areas wildlife?? Big project to start?? Pond to create or renew??

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