Small Budget Gardening – Top Tips

Want to get started gardening with little to no budget?

Take them handy tips and tricks to get you started and put your garden inspiration and ides into action.

Can you reuse or recycle any home or garden items?

Pots, plants, decorations can be give a new lease of life with a quick wash and tidy up. You’d be surprised what you can use to plant things In.

Can you get any freebies from friends or local market places? Taking cuttings of local plants can help to build up your planting options.

Use what you have in your garden now? If your careful you can move plants to new locations or potted items into garden beds if you have space.

Remember gardening is a journey not a sprint do what you can and little changes can lead to big things.

Check out end of season sales to pick up gardening equipment and items at a fraction of the price. O be fair most garden stuff is getting lower in price as this summer has been a wash out so far!

Make the most of what you have,

Limited space get creative can you use the walls for climbing plants? Hanging baskets? Plant up pots that you can move if you’ve more people round.

Inexpensive revamp ideas

Bedding pants – packs of 12 can really add colour and interest

Grow bags


Hanging baskets/Pots

Mirrors to make your space larger or make the most of the sun

Cut geotextiles to size keep costs down don’t buy too much – reusable

sant, pot protection in winter

easy grow bags cheap and indoor and outdoor usage / use year after year


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