Yes, we have survived “The Beast from the East” some of us can expect some more bad weather to come. I’m hearing that Easter will be a cold one this year!

Let’s not panic yes 2018 is the year of the garden and us getting our green spaces in order but please don’t worry about your new plants. (I know its hard not too when you’re wearing 3x jumpers indoors).

Many plants can mange in cold temperatures some can even manage -15 degrees Celsius; and most can stand freezing temperatures for weeks at a time.

Bulbs rely on the thawing of snow and ice to provide them moisture in the soil ready for growing. Thick snow can also insulate the ground and keep it from being too cold for plants roots.

One of the biggest benefits of sow and ice is that they can kill off pests.

Just remember your plants may not need protecting but those garden friends the birds might need some help. Leave them out some water and maybe some seeds this will help them to get through this cold snap and probably keep returning to your garden.

If you do have some tropical or vulnerable plants, then there are a few things you can do-

1.Bring plants indoors if possible

2.keep watering plants just be sure it’s a little and at the warmest part of the day

3.cover your plants (geotextile is perfect for this)

4.mulch around your plants (see a previous blog)

The biggest problem you may need to overcome is the wind. This is a problem that is exacerbated in this cold weather as it makes it difficult for plants to replace lost water, that of course is scarce and also “wind chill” can make an ear of the garden colder than the ground temperature. Don’t worry though a simple screen can help deflect cold winds away from plants, or you could move potted plants so they are protected by sheds/ structures in your garden.

After the cold snap is over you can go out and have a check around your garden most things will be fine; some plants even enter a dormant state that will help them survive. So STOP don’t up root anything yet. Prune (cutting off) back any dead looking parts and see what happens when the weather improves this can help to stimulate new growth.

So lets not panic- let your plants do their thing!

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