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A soakaway in your garden will remove excess water and allow this excess surface water to filter into the ground.

A soakaway can be as simple as a dug and filled with stone to give the water and area to soak into the ground.

First you need to establish if your soil is suitable for a soakaway – You will need do a percolation test.

Make a vertical hole in your soil, making sure there is no debris. Then fill with 300mm of water and see how long it takes to drain away. Be aware that clay soil soakaway won’t work efficiently.

There are also some regulations about where you can have your soakaway in relation to buildings. They must be 5m from an extension and 2.5m from a neighbour’s fence.

Soakaways must be a minimum of 1mx1mx1m below the inflow pipe.

A 1m3 soakaway can drain approximately 50 square metres of ground. How mush area do you need to drain? Is it possible you need a larger soakaway?

A more modern method is to use a soakaway crate instead of just broken bits of stone in your soakaway. They can last longer and specifically designed to manage water. Also, they are a set size and shape so easy to plan your measurements when digging your soakaway trench.

Our Spudulica soakaway Kits will also help to make your soakaway plans easy.

Buy the number of crates needed by the Litre and supplied with it is the correct size non-woven geotextile membrane and geotextile tape for securing. Non-woven geotextile membrane is crucial to the longevity of your project ensuring water can flow but not particles of silt. Silt build up can over time make your soakaway less effective. The tape is also needed to ensure that the geotextile stays in place to filter efficiently. It is specially formulated to attach to the geotextile and not be loosened by water it may encounter.

You’ve worked out if, where, and how to build your soakaway.  lets get going!

Dig the hole required remember to follow building regulations on placement and depth.

Fill with stones or soakaway crates the crates can be clipped or attached together to help when lowering into he ground. You can wrap your crates in geotextile membrane when together or you can lay the membrane in your trench them lower the crates on top; making sure in lowering you have not created any gaps. Then bring the membrane up and around the sides and secure. Make sur you then back fill the areas around your soakaway with sand or shingle and some of the soil removed then re cover with turf or previous surface.

Easy solution to having a slow draining area around your home.

Get onto to make your order.

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