Spring Bulb Planting – Autumn 2021

Its exciting times………………………………………………………….Now is the time to plant out those spring bulbs.

First things first it is to pick your bulbs. Not as easy as you might think; when there are so many to choose from.

This year I have gone for a variety of bulbs that are all pink/purple, crocus, 2 colours of alliums, and pink and purple tulips. Also, these varieties will hopefully be flowering from March to May

Last year I went all out on different colour tulips.

Bulbs are a great way to introduce a new colour to your garden or potted area.

Make sure you check if your bulbs need soaking before planting out.


Plant the bulbs pointed end up

Make sure you bury the bulb up to 3x the bulbs size down in the soil.

Make sure you space out the bulbs at least 2x bulb width apart.

Water lightly

For Borders –

Stand back and be sure you have covered the areas you wanted too, you can always plant in sections or clumps to fill areas.

Pot Planting

Make sure bulbs are planted 3x the depth of the bulbs size and can be spaced out closely.

Water regularly to give the bulb a good start over winter.

You can add extra fertiliser and mulch to pots to also improve your bulbs chances next year.

Layer planting

This could also be a new way for you to add bulbs to your garden. It’s a really simple way to create impact in a pot with different types or colour of bulb together. Add soil to your pot and add in the first bulbs, them layer over some more compost and add another layer of bulbs. Repeat until you pot is full and add a last layer on compost on top, don’t forget the mulch! Bulbs can be placed close together, just think the pot will have a spectacular display this spring.


All ready for a spring extravaganza.

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