Spudulica Complementary Products – Secure your Geotexile, Soakaway and Get Growing.

Spudulica additions – not the star of the show but the supporting act.
A series of complementary items to support our products, and our ethos that you can buy what you need and re-use it time and again.

U shaped pins

Need an easy and quick way to secure any geotextile fabric? These U shaped pins come in packs from 10 to 500.

Buy what suits your project!

We recommend 1 per m for a secure hold.

Sharp ends

Flat topped

Galvanized Steel to prevent rusting

Re useable – Just left and clean

Use with non-woven and woven geotextiles for easy pinning

Barbed pegs

Have a long term plan for your fabric? Do you need a more secure way to fix your geotextile? Barbed pegs are the answer.

Available In packs 100-2000 pegs – Buy what you need for any size project.

Barbed all the way around

Square flat top for easy insertion and removal

Sturdy plastic pegs easy to reuse and recycle.

No rusting

Use with both woven and non-woven geotextiles for easy securing.

Geotextile tape/ Soakaway tape

This versatile geotextile tape is a perfect accompaniment to any geotextile. Need to joint or secure your geotextile? This tape is what you need. Also great for securing geotextiles in a soakaway system.

Full roll 10cm width / 50m length 

Easy to use just pull from the roll and secure firmly in place.

Can be cut with sharp scissors

Makes joining and securing geotextiles easy

Grow Bags

Small and sturdy non-woven grow bags are a perfect complement to any garden or outdoor space. Easy to use

Breathable and easily draining

Just plant up to improve your home and garden

Easy to move and carry

Use for seeds/seedling and plants.



Small parts of a whole that can only add to your projects completion

Any queries give us a call – 0151 515 1415

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