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Happy New Year – Wishing all our customers a fantastic 2022! Welcome to Spudulica Home and Garden, why not browse our catalogue for your garden project? We stock a variety of garden project essentials non-woven geotextiles, recessed manhole covers, woven geotextiles, soakaway kits, pegs, planters, drainage sleeves, EcoGrid and water butt systems we have you covered. Pronounced SPUD -U- LIK-A, yes crazy I know. Not in any way linked to the Victoria Wood sketch about spud-u-like; (Give it a watch she’s hilarious!) A family run business started in 2017 after leaving a 10yr stint in charity retail after my 2nd child. We started off small selling off unwanted items on eBay and then moving into water butt taps and small hose connectors and pipes. Then we saw a niche for geotextile membranes. There seemed to be no way that the usual homeowner or DIY enthusiast could source high quality geotextile membranes for their home projects. Well only if they were happy to buy a very large and very long roll of membrane or were happy to fork out for the cheap and easily ripped versions in shops. We had access to these large commercial quality geotextiles and decided to provide cut pieces of these membranes into sizes that made these high-quality products available for all. Without excess waste and high shipping costs. Over time we have added to our catalogue and our selling platforms launching our website in 2019. Continuing to grow in the challenging period of the Pandemic, we cut and pack all sizes by hand and still have a very small team to keep up with orders. We aim to help all our customers with our knowledge and great customer service. Shop small with us and get your garden project supplied by Spudulica Home and Garden. Call us on – 151 515 1415 or email hello@spudulica.co.uk   Here’s to a fantastic 2022!

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