This week’s blog is on one of the most enjoyable fruits to grow the humble strawberry.

A summer essential that also adds to the colour in your garden.

This is an easy plant to grow and is a great one to get the kids involved.

I have a couple of cold stored runners to re hydrate and plant. They are the “Cambridge Favourite” variety. I’ve waited until the clocks have changed and I’m confident that the temperature will not plummet back to snowy conditions. This variety can be sown February to June and can be giving fruit June onward.

This year I have decided to plant my 2 strawberry plants into hanging baskets firstly to reduce the attacks from slugs and snails in my flower beds; and secondly to let the plants grow downwards. I’ve seen this done and the plants seem to thrive also adding something nice to look at and cover the brick walls around my garden. The plants should be in full sun or partial shade so I’m hoping that they will be OK where I’m planning. That’s not a big issue in a wall basket I can always move it about.

My long-term plan is to try and create more plants for next year by re planting any runners from these starter plants. Fingers crossed in a few years I will have home grown strawberries from June to October! Hopefully will keep the kids happy.

A quick and easy spring/summer job that can add colour and joy to your garden.

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