Summer Break – Garden Tips

Looking after your garden when your away

The summer holidays are about to start, and most of us are looking forward to a summer break. It might be a week abroad, a family weekend catch up or a series of days out. Our gardens are going to taking a back seat to our activities.

So, this blog will focus on what you can do to keep your garden surviving for a few days or give you time to get to the garden the next day; especially if your home late with jet lag!

Weed your containers and borders, those pesky weeds will compete for available water, stealing some from your precious plants

Cut the grass, making the grass neat and providing a mulch.

Deadhead your flowering plants to promote growth while your away.

As late as possible water your plants very well, then cover soil with your grass clippings to keep the soil covered.

Group pots together, potted plants can dry out very quickly. Keeping them together can reduce water loss through transpiration.

Bring down hanging baskets, another area that can dry out very quickly. Do you have room to dig out a depression for them in the border or flower bed to make the most of the soil moisture? Also, if the wind gets up while your away, they won’t be blown down and damaged.

Could you rope in a family member or neighbour? Not everyone is green fingered but even a quick watering could help to keep your plants happy while your away. Just make sure you have a present for your helper form you holiday to say thanks!

Bottle filled with water dotted around your borders or within pots can provide water, just add irrigation spiked to allow water to de introduced when needed.

Have you thought about saving water in readiness for summer?

rainCatcher tanks and water saving storage systems and rainwater diverters available at

Enjoy your summer break and don’t worry about your garden!


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