December – in doors

  Do not forget your indoor plants this December. Yes, the year is ending, and you have got your outdoor plants sorted. Let us take a look at our indoor ones. Indoor plants will also be going dormant in the winter, make sure you limit the watering. Keeping up with your usual watering schedule may […]

Home to Garden

Home to Garden – A handy blog this week to highlight those things you can re-use from inside your home to help your garden plants. Coffee Grounds – Are you or a family member a coffee addict? Well you can use your used coffee grounds to add nitrogen to your soil. Nitrogen is an important […]

Finishing Touches – Flexible Edging

March is upon us and now the growing season is about to start – well when the snow disappears! We are all looking forward to the longer light and sunnier weather. Thoughts turn back to the rest of the garden. Is it time to revamp old pots? Move out garden furniture? Paint the shed and […]

New Year New Garden – Mulching

Mulching Another blog In our new year new garden series for 2018 again a more preparation type blog that will help sustain plants through the year. Mulching is the process of covering the surface of the soil to promote the health of the soil and increase the visual ascetic in the garden. It is a […]

What is a geotextile membrane?

What is a geotextile membrane ? Geotextile membranes are usually a non-woven fabric or material which allow water to pass through freely but stops debris or organic material from penetrating. Non-woven membranes are generally very strong fabrics and are used for many applications where protection is needed. The main use for membranes is stopping weeds […]

The good the bad and the ugly

Tip for bringing the “good” guys to your garden and ideas on how to minimize the “bad” guys. Even the best gardener has to be on their guard to keep those pesky plant eaters at bay, but you can try a few things to try and keep these “bad “guys at a minimum and on someone else’s […]