May to June in the garden

Heading into the last week of May ready for the start of summer. Days are getting longer and warmer. There may be a few more jobs in store for you now that summer is on the way. Plant out your summer bedding plants. Start collecting /storing your water. Remember to start a watering schedule either […]

Woven or Non-Woven geotextile membrane?

Geo-textile membrane fabrics are specialist fabrics used for ground engineering. There are 2 main types that prove the most popular. A Black woven fabric comprised of black plastic threads woven together to create a strong fabric. A white non-woven fabric that is comprised of heat bonded synthetic fibres also creating a strong fabric. Both are […]

Garden Autumn/Winter Prep

Now September is well and truly with us its time to prioritise some jobs for the garden; you could leave it to its own devises but doing a bit of preparation ca really help to prepare plants and soil for next growing season. Want to look after your winged garden friends?? Install some bird boxes […]