This week’s blog is on one of the most enjoyable fruits to grow the humble strawberry. A summer essential that also adds to the colour in your garden. This is an easy plant to grow and is a great one to get the kids involved. I have a couple of cold stored runners to re […]


PRUNING pruːn/ verb gerund or present participle: pruning trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth. “now is the time to prune roses” Synonyms: cut back, trim, thin, thin out, pinch back, crop, clip, shear, pollard, top, dock;   (definition google dictionary) This is an essential skill for new gardeners that can help plants to […]

Foray into Fruit and Vegtables

Fruit and Veg Another useful blog to add to our new year new garden series Looking into the spring/summer and excited for our 2018 growing season! Nothing is more satisfying than growing then eating produce from you garden. You also become super protective of anything that grows. They may be small, slightly misshapen or downright […]

The Greenhouse or Polytunnel Debate

NEW YEAR – NEW GARDEN The greenhouse /polytunnel debate Another blog to add to our new year new garden series. The pros and cons of a greenhouse vs polytunnel. Once you have made the leap to add to your garden you might decide to go even further and want to extend your growing season. This […]

New Year New Garden – Mulching

Mulching Another blog In our new year new garden series for 2018 again a more preparation type blog that will help sustain plants through the year. Mulching is the process of covering the surface of the soil to promote the health of the soil and increase the visual ascetic in the garden. It is a […]