Common garden pests

Green fly and Black fly – Aphids are 5mm green or black in colour. They can be found on new growth and the underside of leaves. They eat the sap of the plant and slow the growth. Easiest way to get rid of them is to knock them off the plant and squash them. Lily […]

Naturally keeping pests away

Keeping Garden pests at bay; As we look forward to summer; seeing more garden growth and new discoveries every day. It is hard to remind yourself that out there in the garden are pests lurking to munch on your lovely new growth and veggies. This week we are looking into what you can do to […]

The good the bad and the ugly

Tip for bringing the “good” guys to your garden and ideas on how to minimize the “bad” guys. Even the best gardener has to be on their guard to keep those pesky plant eaters at bay, but you can try a few things to try and keep these “bad “guys at a minimum and on someone else’s […]