up grading your office space the green way

Now we are working from home more or hoping to move to more home working. We need to make a new space for a home office environment. It doesn’t have to be boring…… It is an easy and fun way to brighten up any space –using plants. Let us have a think about the space […]

Potted Plants- Winter Prep

Potted plants in Winter For those of us with a multitude of potted plants in our gardens we need to plan for winter. It is a tricky time of year with the extra rainfall and the possible risk of frost and freezing temperatures. Outdoor pots can be become waterlogged with the extra rain we experience […]

Get Gardening

From a novice to novice Do you gaze out of your window/French doors/julienne balcony/back door at your yard/garden/ patio/window sill/shared garden and wish to see something out there? (something you created anyway; not bare bricks broken patio furniture and old bbq’s). So why not; no excuses! Gardening doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. […]