The Shaded Garden


Do you have a shady garden??  North facing?? Or an area of the garden that’s covered by trees and hedges?

These gardens can still be beautiful and full of life – they just need to managed a bit differently.

Some areas of shaded gardens can be dry so just remember to keep mulching your garden to conserve moisture. Over hanging plants can keep rain from the soil and lots of hedges etc can take the moisture from the soil before younger plants can get to it.

Lawns can become bear with a lack of light think about maybe changing the area for gravel or paving with planters and pots. Also, what about artificial grass that will stay green and keep the area colourful all year round. Another way to add a lighter element is by introducing light coloured gravel around plants or pots.

Even with these few negatives there is no need to be worried there are many plants that enjoy and thrive in the shade.

These include:



Day Lilly


Japenese Maple








Hopefully this list will give you a good selection of plants that will give the garden a different look.

Flowers, foliage, and different sizes to suit all shaded garden sizes.


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