Threshold Drain/Channel Drain Connections A Focus

Does your patio or walkway need a drainage solution?

Alusthetic threshold drains could be your solution.

Make sure you have considered your drainage needs when re doing your patio or outdoor areas.

This weeks blog is taking a specific look at the connectors and connections available for this aesthetic threshold drain system.

A small but vital part of this system that allows you to make the most of your drainage and make the best system for your requirements.

We have talked in previous blogs the uses of these drains and what they can do. This weeks blog is going to focus on the other parts of this threshold drain system.

These smaller pieces are no less important than the main drain, they will help to extend your channel around buildings or along an irregular area. They also allow you to connect your system securely and to drains and other water outlets.

T pieces – allow you to connect 3 areas of channel drain together or create a new branch point

Corners – allow you to follow corners of buildings to connect threshold drain to further lengths or household drains

Connectors – base connectors allow a seemly connection between 1m length pieces so that water is not lost in the joints

Outlets –

  1. Vertical – link to down pipes (not shown in image)
  2. Horizontal – ink to drainage pipes at floor/sub floor level

End caps – stop water from being lost at the end/ keeps water moving in one direction.

Take a look at the website to see all the options.

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