Threshold Drains – what are they and do I need them?

What is a threshold drain?

A threshold drain is a channel added to a domestic  external  floor surface e.g. patio at the edge where the flooring meets a doorway or building. They are installed flush with doors/floors for a discreet finish.


What does a threshold drain do?

A channel drain is installed at the door way or edge of a property to collect surface water and move it away from buildings into the external drainage system.


Do I need a threshold drain?

A threshold drain is a measure to ensure that you do not suffer from flooding of external paving that can over time lead to internal flooding when water is constantly against the walls of a building or home. External paving should be angled away from a building to prevent water issues but this is not always possible.

Can channel drain be laid flat?

Yes, There are some suggestions that you need a fall for your Drian to allow for drainage. But water will flow well into flat installed channel rain. Just make sure your outlet is below the channel drain level gravity will do the rest.


What outlets do I need for a channel drain?

Depending on the layout of your channel you can use a horizontal or vertical outlet to connect to other pipe work. Also available are end caps and bottom connectors to allow you to connect lengths of channel drain quickly and easily and block of channel rain edges.  

What does a channel drain look like?


How do I work out what loading need?                    




Class A

1.5 tonnes


Class B

12.5 tonnes

Small vehicles on domestic driveways

Class C

25 tonnes

Small vehicles on the lightly trafficked road

Now an extended range of threshold drains available at

Now in 3 finishes black , silver, Corten.

Slim design to provide a practical application and a perfect finish to your flooring.

Ideal for – pathways, patios, walkways, thresholds, block paving (not parking),

Easy to install

Simple connection

Removable heel guard

1m lengths – 65mm width- 100mm height

Also available with Corners, T-sections in selection of finishes.

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