up grading your office space the green way

Now we are working from home more or hoping to move to more home working.

We need to make a new space for a home office environment. It doesn’t have to be boring……

It is an easy and fun way to brighten up any space –using plants.

Let us have a think about the space you have, is may be a desk crammed into an unused room at home or a large but florescent light filled office space. Do you have space for plants? Of course! Nature is amazing and there are plants in all shapes and sizes and that like all types of environments.

Plants can also not just be aesthetic; they can help to keep your environmental air cleaner.

Once purchased you only need feed and a water sprayer and possibly a nominated person to keep up plant activities.

There are so many places to buy plants too, supermarkets are great for indoor plants also they usually come with pots and a cheap price.

Let us get into some possible choices –

Peace Lily – A lovely flowering plant that is fine in low light and is on of the best indoor plants for filtering the air.

Bromeliad – Provide some lovely colour.

Snake plant (sansevieria) – Can survive well without water and in low light conditions.

Cacti – Happy in natural light and only need weekly watering in spring and summer.

Succulents – Another plant super happy with little water.

Air plant in our funky stegosaurus pot!

Air plants – These lants do not even need soil, they only need a good water once a month.

Pothos (devils ivy) – Is a super easy-care plant happy in most conditions and if you forget a water, it will be fine for a while.

Spider plants – Happy in indirect sunlight if you water once a week.

Aloe vera – Only needs soaking every few weeks.

Bamboo – needs little light. You can get bamboo is loads of sizes, tiny for your desk or a larger plant for an office centre piece.

Spread the benefit of gardening into your office, studies have proven that indoor plants improve mood, reduce fatigue and lower stress.  What are you waiting for?


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