Using geotextile membrane for weed prevention? – Your questions answered

Weeds are a problem in all gardens the pesky things get everywhere and take up a lot of a gardeners time. There are multiple ways to get rid of them but for larger areas there is nothing quite like using  geotextile to cut down your work load. There are different types of geotextile and in most cases people tend to use the woven geotextile membranes. This is incorrect the best type of geotextile for weeds is the non-woven types – and  let me tell you why……..

Non-woven geotextiles come in different GSM grades so can be used for varying degrees of weeds.

Non-woven geotextiles suppress weeds by inhibiting light on their own or in conjunction with gravel/chippings.

Non-woven geotextiles are not easily cut or damaged

Non-woven geotextiles allow water through so that sub layer so soil do not become staved over time. So if you want to inhibit weeds but use the area again for planting the soil will still be nutrient rich.

Non-woven 100GSm will stand up to small car loading.

don’t forget that at Spudulica we cut sizes for you – just buy the geotextile size you need and we will send it to you ready to go.


Here are some weed membrane questions answered –

Do geotextiles stop weeds?

Yes, the inhibit light to stop weeds germinating and growing.

Will weeds grow through membrane?

No, geotextiles inhibit growth so they won’t be able to grow through it.

They may grow on top if seeds are dropped by birds/wind onto the membrane. As weeds have their own food source they can germinate on little/no soil.

Does water drain through geotextile?

Woven – no

Non-woven – yes

How do I prevent weeds coming through?

Prepare the area before laying to prevent any seeds or plants interfering with your laid membrane.

Also be sure any rocks or items that can damage the membrane are also removed. 

Which weed fabric is best?


Do weed membranes work?

Yes one easy layer provides weed suppression stabilisation to sub layers.


Is weed membrane worth it?

Yes – provides longevity to your project.


Do I need to remove weeds before laying fabric?


Do I need to secure weed fabric?

Depending on your project you may be covering the membrane with gravel/chippings/bark etc so they membrane will be held down securely.

If you plan on just the membrane then its best to secure with pins along the edges and in the middle to stop lifting.

See securing options available –



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