Water Butt and Tank Maintenance – Hints and Tips

Tank Maintenance – Water Butt

Do you have an outdoor Water Butt?

While we are getting into one of the wettest parts of the year and you might be looking forward to getting the benefits for your home and garden when the weather dries up.

Have you cleaned or checked your water butt to be sure it will work when you need it?

It’s an easy annual job and definitely worth it in the long run.

  • Do a Visual check of the Tank – Is it in good condition? Does it need a clean? Is the tank base secure? Does it work well in its current position?
  • Check the Lid and Seals to stop debris getting into your water storage area.
  • Check any Pipework or Taps – Do they move freely?
  • Check any gutters or pipework feeding the water butt tank. Any debris or muck in these areas will be transferred into your tank.
  • Check inside the tank. Is there any dirt or debris in the bottom? A build up of sludge and debris will impact how much water you can store and how easily it will flow out of the tank when needed.

If you have a lot of build up you will have to empty your tank and give the inside a good clean out. Just empty and give the inside a rinse out, or pressure wash if it’s stubborn to remove. It’s usually worst in the corners.

If you use the water tank for anything other than washing cars or watering plants you may want to disinfect your tank with detergent and hot water. Please follow any manufacturers instructions and make sure you rinse out sufficiently.

Manufacturers recommend draining tanks before frost as freezing temperatures can cause damage to the tank. Insulating tanks is also a good idea; you can use any spare sheets of bubble wrap or geotextile. You can also leave the tap open to allow water to drain out and prevent water freezing in the tank, leading to ice cracking the tank .

A new clean tank then ready for the downpours!

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