Welcoming bees to your garden

I am sure you have all heard that we need to protect our bees, but do you know why?

Bees are the worlds most important pollinator for food crops. Bees help plants re produce and contribute a to most ecosystems for all living things. Not even counting the delicious honey they make!

Did you know we have 24 different bee species in the UK, the 4 main types are –


Mining bees

Mason bees

Tree bumblebees




Why not welcome more bees into your garden?

There are a few easy ways to do this,

  1. Plant wildflowers
  2. Plant native species
  3. Build a bee house.
  4. Do not use pesticides.
  5. Plant pollen rich flowers e.g. jasmine, chamomile, daisies
  6. Include a wide variety of flowering plants with different shapes and sizes of flowers, and ones that flower at different times. This will accommodate all bee species.
  7. Leave lawn weeds.

Plants that bees love

Bluebell, foxglove, comfrey, clover, and honeysuckle

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