What is a channel drain?


Do I need a channel drain?

A channel drain is an enclosed channel with grating on the top. They run along the edge of an area within the floor; they are added to remove surface water from a specific area. To help control the flow of water and prevent flooding/pooling of water. This moves excess water to the underground drainage system quickly. Drains are added to patios, gardens, pools, and thresholds. They can also be used to collect water from guttering.

With the new range of Alusthetic channel drains you can now provide a practical solution with an aesthetic finish for your project. The channels slim design allows for more space for your intended flooring. The drains can also be selected in black or silver/grey finish to add a complementary addition to your finished design.

Not only aesthetic Alusthetic channel drains are compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations and manufactured and monitored according to standard NBN EN 1433:2002– DOP.

Description Body: pvc extruded profile Grating: anodized aluminium profile 

Width: 65mm Length: 1000mm 

Total weight: 1,750kg 

Loading class 15kN

Material EN AW-6060 T66 EN 573-3 NEN-ISO 10074 PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

complemetary accessories, Corner pieces, T Pieces also avaliable.

Perfect for those home projects with style!




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