What is a soakaway? – Why do I need one?

What is a soakaway?

A soakaway is a system that moves excess water from the surface of the ground. It allows water to be stored below ground in a reservoir to slow its movement into drains to prevent flash flooding and to allow water to flow back into the soil over time. This provides the immediate benefit that after a heavy rain water has an area to drain into quickly stopping the surface from becoming boggy and water logged.

Heavy Rainfall is now a major risk in the UK.


Why do I need a soakaway?

Does your garden or outdoor area get boggy and wet in heavy rain? Does your garden continue to be wet even days after rain? Have you built an extension or increased impermeable surfaces in your home? A new extension will provide more places were rain can run off quickly into household or public drainage, fast surface run off into drains can add to flooding events and overflowing.

What do I need for a soakaway?

A soakaway is simple an area that water can flow into to be dispersed slowly. At Spudulica we recommend using a soakaway crate, these crates are specifically made to hold as much water as possible and are tested for durability and longevity. All you need to do is to wrap but these crates in a non-woven garden membrane to stop any dirt and debris filing your crates. They then need to be put into the ground at less 500mm down and surrounded with a small rounded clean gravel around the crate to help with the water flow. Then re cover and wait for the rain to come.

How do I know what size soakaway I need?

Well we need to do some maths for this to be sure that your water can all be soaked away when needed.

1m3 for 50m2 area

Each crate will tell you what amount of Litres it can hold and you can scale this up or down depending on what you need.

Is there regulations on soakaway systems?

Yes they must be installed with specific measurements from any building, property boundaries and depth in the ground. Please check with your local authority as in some areas soakaway test must be carried out before installation can happen.

How do I know if a soakaway will work?

Do a percolation test

note that heavy clay soils will not work for a soakaway

How do I install a soakaway?

Step 1 – Percolation test

Step 2 – Work out where your soakaway can be installed and what size it needs to be

Step 3 – Purchase items – crates/geotextile/tape/gravel/contractor or willing helpers

Step 4 – Dig a hole deep enough to cover the crates and with at least 200mm to the ground level once filled with crates

Step 5 – Fill hole base with 50mm gravel

Step 6 – Connect your crates and wrap in geotextile, secure with tape.

Step 7 – Put your wrapped crates not the hole

Step 8 – cover crates sides and top with the gravel

Step 9 –  Back fill with soil and level off the top/ ground level

Step 10 – wait for rain!

Any queries give us a call – 0151 515 1415 or chat to us on our website www.spudulica.co.uk

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