What is a soakaway?

When it rains heavily do you worry about an area of the garden?


Does your garden become waterlogged?

what is a soakaway?

A soakaway is a water drainage system that resolves the issues of excess surface water, water pooling and waterlogging. It relieves pressure on drains and is a cost effective and low maintenance solution to a recurring problem. Water can be removed from the surface into the ground away from areas of concern.

At Spudulica we have a handy range of soakaway kits ready top solve your garden waterlogging issues – be sure first to do a percolation test to see if a soakaway system would work in your garden.

How do I work out the size of my soakaway?

How to work out the size of the soakaway you need.

A 1m3 (cubic metre) is sufficient to cover 50 square metres of roof under normal conditions. 

You may also need to consider the roof pitch as this determines how fast the water will descend. Once you have worked out the roof area to cover you can work out how many crates you need to install.

Polystorm PSM1A Crate, 100gsm Geotextile Membrane + Joining Tape To Suit

Crate Dimensions: 1000mm x 500mm x 400mm
Crate Storage Volume: 190L
Crate Weight: 9kg

All kits are multiples of 190l soakaway crates with geotextile tape and non-woven membrane cut to suit your size.

All sent together so all you need to do is wrap your crates securely and so there are no gaps using the tape provided then put them into the ground. Now you need only backfill the hole and you’re good to get draining.

The crates themselves create a void for water to flow into and away from the ground’s surface. This immediately moves water away from the topsoil to prevent waterlogging and provides the water an area to stay as it then moves out of the crate lower down or into the surrounding soil slowly over time.

This SUDs compliant system will also help locally to help reduce surface run off in your area.

The geotextile (non woven) is supplied to wrap your soakaway crates. This membrane will act as a barrier for soil and stones but allow water to pass in and out of the crates as required. The debris will be kept out of the system allowing it to continue to work well over time once installed.

The geotextile tape is supplied to allow you to easily wrap your crate with geotextile. It is easy to unroll and adhere to the geotextile once folded around the crate. The tape its self is strong and water resistant to help keep any membrane joints secure once installed.

The crates also have an area that can be removed to allow pipework to be installed, if the crates are part of a larger soakaway system or you want you water to be moved to an exact location/ along more pipework to increase surface area then this is a handy feature.

A simple soakaway solution sold in 1 kit ready to be installed!

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