What is Non Woven Geotextile? – What is it Used For?

  • What is a non-woven geotextile?

A non-woven geotextile is made through heat bonding plastic fibres into a flexible fabric that can be used for construction, landscape and gardening projects.

  • What is non-woven geotextile used for?

Non-woven geotextile is a versatile fabric that is best used as a drainage and stabilisation layer. It also has uses for weed suppression and separation layer to increase the longevity of project sub base layers.

  • What is better woven or non-woven?

Both types of geotextile work well for many projects, both have their own set of key features in certain areas.

  • Non-woven – Drainage, separation and SUDs paving.

Woven – heavy loading, stabilisation and erosion control. 

  • Can water pass through non-woven geotextile?

Yes, non-woven geotextile is the fabric you want is you have any uses for drainage or water usage. Not only does this fabric allow water to permeate through, but its also stops any sand, soil or stone particles through at the same time.

Need a geotextile layer to help disperse surface water?  Concerned about water drainage under a patio? Need a fabric for a soakaway system? Non-woven is the key.

  • How long does non-woven fabric last?

Once installed within the ground 50 years

  • Can you get non-woven fabric in other colours?

Usually found in white or off white a UV stabilised black version is also available

  • What does GSM mean?

Grams per sq. meter or how heavy weight your fabric is. This is a standard measure for any type of fabric.

Non-woven fabric uses 

  • Soakaway Systems – Wrapping soakaway crates or rubble
  • French Drains or Drainage Channels – Lining the sides of the trench
  • Permeable Paving – Add under paving grids or gravel for a free draining and stabilising base.
  • Under Traditional Paving for Patios and Decking – Stabilizing and weed prevention layer.
  • Planter and Pot Protection and Lining – Use within pots to help drainage or use to wrap plants in cold or windy weather.

Horse Arena – Drainage layer to keep water moving down into the sub soil

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