What is permable paving? – Do I need it?

What is permeable paving?

Permeable definition is a material or membrane allowing liquids or gases to pass through it.

As a paving option it allows water to pass through straight into the ground and does not allow water to run off to drains. This reduces the amount of water being sent to drains and helps to reduce flooding and environmental water pollution.

Benefits of permeable paving –

Permeable paving can be an option for many applications driveways, paths, parking areas, patios, cycle lanes.

Many permeable paving options are made from recycled materials.

You don’t need planning permission to use permeable paving solutions.

Permeable solutions can also help in icy conditions as water does not stay on the surface creating an icy patch.

Is permeable paving expensive?

Like any house project there are a variety of options in permeable paving. From gravel to engineered recycled plastic grids. Best to check your budget and requirements before allocating funds. Who wont pay more for quality?

Do permeable drive ways work?

Yes, water flows though the permeable surface and not into the street to find a drain. The prepared driveway will stand up to the test of cars, pedestrians etc. Again be sure of your requirements before installing.

Does paving have to be permeable?

Since October 2008 it has been a requirement for re-surfacing/ renewing surfaces of front gardens to be permeable. This is due to the increase of impermeable surfaces used in urban areas leading to an increase in flooding events nationally.



It is now moving into a new phase that local councils will now be taking this guidance more seriously. The increase in permeable surfaces hopes to increase permeable areas for water to  soak into the ground naturally and not increase more water to local drainage.

What will my permeable driveway look like?

Don’t worry just like a conventional driveway there are many ways to finish off your permeable area. Including Grass, resin, gravel, with multiple colour options for gravel and resin bound systems.

Are plastic paving grids any good?

Yes, there are some time served and tested paving grids available in the market. Just make sure you find the genuine article, there are so many options out there that have no testing and will fail very quickly.


Just follow the link above, EcoGrid is a 100% recycled paving system with patented locking system. Its  tested to a 500 tonne loading (when filled) and even comes with a 20yr guarantee!

Environmentally carbon neutral too. They have even tested older projects for micro plastics and found any loss to the grid edges was not dispersed into the local environment but compacted in the grid piece.



At Spudulica we off Eco Grid’s  most versatile grid E40

40mm deep – 330x330mm tiles – sent in sheets of 9m pieces per 1m2 – easy to install


Any Queries give us a call 0151 515 1415 or email hello@spudulica.co.uk

Let us help you to start your permable journey!

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