What is SUD’s and Why do I need it?

SUDs stands for a Sustainable Urban Drainage system. A SUDs complaint drainage system will help to reduce human intervention with the water cycle especially the increase in surface run off.

SUDs is a system to manage water locally and mimic natural drainage. Using systems that use infiltration, attenuation close to the water source or as close to the surface as possible.

These systems will help local issues with water logging and flooding from surface run off. Also helping slow the conveyance of water to local water sources and helping to decrease flooding events. Water moving to local water sources such as ponds or lakes is also moving less pollutants as it has had time to be filtered through the soil and does not directly run straight to the nearest water source.

Why is SUDs important?

Due to an increase in impermeable surfaces in our urban areas water from rain now travels faster to our local water sources,  this leads to an increase the severity of flooding events. Water also has less places to be absorbed by the ground slowing the rate at which water travels to local water sources. Surface run off of water is now higher an can cause localised flooding very quickly.

Why do I need SUDs?

You may have to have an element of SUDs type drainage in your next project, it will now going into the future be a consideration for construction projects generally.

The British Geological Survey have some great ideas and infomation on SUDs click the green button to the left.

UK Homes must also now take into account for SUDs check out the guidence – Click the button to the right.

“From 1 October 2008, the government will introduce changes to the General Permitted Development Order, making the hard surfacing of more than 5 square metres of domestic front gardens permitted development only where the surface in question is rendered permeable.”

Simple Permeable solution right here at spudulica.co.uk 

  • Easy to install
  • No planing permission needed

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