What Membrane for Paths? – Questions Answered

Do I need membrane for paths?

Installing or maintaining pathways can be a major job so it’s best to plan and lay them correctly. Pathways are generally a pedestrian friendly option. Consisting of area cleared to make viewing or visiting specific areas of a garden. They can be finished off in multiple ways that suit your required design but a pathway base needs to be solid and spec it up to withstand use over time.

Choosing a membrane for your pathway entirely depends on what issues you are facing.

How is you drainage?

Weeds a concern?

Slope management?

Stabilisation needed?


Geotextile comes in two main types that can be used for pathways – Woven and Non-Woven

But each has its own specialties that work better for certain types of applications and requirements.

Need slope management, weeds an issue, no drainage needs?

Woven – Black woven tape membrane. Not the best for drainage as it is slower than non-woven options but a strong stabilising membrane that is UV stable and will help inhibit weeds in your bas layers.  A strong membrane that can cope with stresses and slopes.

Drainage an issue? Separation of base layers necessary?

Non-woven – An off white membrane that allows water to pass through but keep soil and sand particles in place.  Also can help to inhibit weeds and provide another stabilisation layer between sub layers to provide longevity.

Both types are a necessary layer to help within the sub base to provide separation and stability to aggregate and type 1 layers. A membrane of either type will prevent mixing over time.

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