Understanding Geotextile Membranes – which ones where?

Different types of geotextile membrane. What to use for what application? In a nutshell woven black membrane is used for under sub-bases to reinforce the ground and offer some stabilisation. White fleece membrane is used for above your sub base of compacted stone and is there to serve a verity of purposes including: Weed Prevention – stopping anything growing from below and ruining the finished job Stabilisation – keeping the ground stable Separation – stopping the finished material (gravel, blocks, chippings) mixing with the sub-base stone. If in doubt the white fleece generally covers both applications and is very much a multi purpose fleece membrane. Brands include terram, nw8, bonar and many more. They are all pretty much the same you just need to choose a weight of fabric to suit your needs. We find 100 GSM covers 99% of applications. Our range of non-woven membrane

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