Why does my patio not drain?

Why does my patio not drain?

When it rains do you have problems with puddles and standing water?

 Be aware that  this may be part of a larger issue, if your garden patio or decking area is not draining it could lead to more problems.

More impermeable surfaces has caused an increase in sanding water and surface run off of water. The water has nowhere to soak into the ground and becomes trapped on the surface.

This can lead to issues with localised flooding and patios becoming slick and unsafe.

When it’s raining heavily do your downpipes have an outlet? In most cases rain would be encouraged into the surface drain underneath. But in some cases these drains have been covered by paving and the water has nowhere to go causing floods of water over patios and decked areas.

It is an easy mistake to make and thankfully it can be easily sorted,

Channel drainage

This handy linear channel drainage can help to move water from the surface of your garden patio and into the drainage system via channels quickly and easily.

Place them around buildings to collect downpipe water or at patio edges to prevent water build up. Doorways are also handy to stop water puddling as you go in and out.

Things to consider for channel drains –

  • What loading will you need?
  • Where will the drainage channels need to be used?
  • What finish do you want?
  • Will you need connections to existing pipework?

Check out our other handy blogs for more info.

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