Winter Hanging Baskets

Winter Hanging Baskets

These small and eye-catching displays can be used in all type’s outdoor spaces, especially those short on space. They can also introduce colour and planting to other parts of your home.

Hanging baskets can also be used all year round; not just as a riot of colour in the summer months.

In re-planting or planning your basket you can have year-round color and interest. I have a couple of hanging basket along the back wall of my home on the side of my garden that is paved. They were planted up in spring/summer and despite having a re fresh later in 2019, they could do with a few more plants. I’ve managed to get some large primroses; I did want to get some ivy to hang down the sides of the baskets but alas it wasn’t to be found. I also got some small bulbs for spring; I don’t want to overload the basket as they are only small. Ideas for winter hanging basket plant include – grasses, heather, conifers, violas, pansies, ivy, hellebore, cyclamen, primroses and adding bulbs for spring additions. Herbs can also work well rosemary and thyme can add foliage and a lovely smell as well as a chance to flavor some winter casseroles. It’s easy to add new plants and bulbs, while your there why not see if you need to top up the soil in your hanging baskets and check the drainage. The winter can be very wet so keep an eye on the water content in you hanging baskets soil. Be careful of over watering, only water hanging baskets weekly if they are undercover for example in a porch.

Now sit back and enjoy your newly revamped basket to continue to enjoy through to spring.

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