Zero Waste week -2019

Zero Waste week

 2-6th September 2019

Stared in 2008 to highlight the need to reduce landfill waste; save money and preserve resources.

Providing resources for schools, businesses, homeowners to reduce their own waste.

“Tackling climate change starts today – in your home and business From 2nd -6 th September, people across the UK are being challenged to reduce the amount of stuff they throw away. Zero Waste Week will ask people to think twice before throwing anything in the bin, to help save money, protect the environment and address the threat of climate change. Celebrating its twelfth anniversary, Zero Waste Week is asking people to rise to the challenge of Transforming Global Warming! With UN scientists telling us we have 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe”

300 million tonnes of rubbish only 20% is recycled!

Each person creates 210G of plastic waste per day

This is Zero Waste Week, which encourages us all to re-examine our own behaviour around recycling and sustainability. But apart from prompting us to remember to put our plastic bottle in the right bin – or maybe not buy a plastic bottle at all, Rachelle Strauss, who is behind the campaign, says we need to make a different but more profound shift in our mindset. – article big issue


Its something we can all do and need to do to help our planet survive for our children and their children.

Recycling, buying what you need, using leftovers, are small changes that can make a big difference. Also asking your local shops if you can use your own containers to take away items.  It easy to get ideas social media has many zero waste campaigners with tips and tricks; here are some simple ones below.

10 ideas your readers can try today

  1. Only buy food you need – take an inventory before shopping
  2. Find a piece of clothing you’ve not worn for ages and find a way to incorporate it into an outfit you love
  3. Replace a disposable product with a reusable option, such as batteries or kitchen cloths 4. Search for ultra-concentrated products to reduce packaging
  4. Sign up to a gifting economy such as Freecycle
  5. Learn some basic repair skills such as sewing or soldering
  6. Choose recycled products to close the loop and increase demand for recycled items
  7. Sign up for a vegetable box scheme or use a local farmers market
  8. Find your nearest refill station and ditch the bottled water habit
  9. Support local businesses who sell products with minimal packaging – zero water week press release 2019


Let’s make this the start of things to come, its not hard to make a few changes lets make this zero waste week the start of a new lifestyle!


Remember Scrubbies are the perfect way to get you started, bio-degradable and re-useable, also super cute addition to your home!

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