Do I need geotextile membrane under artifical grass?

Do I need geotexile membrane under artifical grass?

Artificial grass seems to be everywhere, it’s a long term and easy solution for those of us who don’t want the fuss of keeping up a lawn but want to enjoy our gardens. Especially if we have pets or children.

Artificial grass can look easy to install but can be tricky, you need to remember to prepare the ground underneath removing large stones and removing all weeds and plants. Compact the soil or base layer then add sand, approx. 15mm deep. This will provide a soft grass like feel under foot as you walk on the artificial grass. The comes an essential layer – you guess it the geotextile membrane!

At Spudulica we recommend the non-woven (white) geotextile membrane, not the woven (black) as is suggest a lot on the internet. You need the membrane to stabilise your layers underneath the artificial grass and to help filtration of rain/ moisture. You don’t want your newly refurbed are to have puddles once it rains. This membrane also helps with weed suppression. Providing water to the soil layers underneath will help to keep the soil healthy just in case you want to change your garden again in a few years. A black woven membrane will help suppress weeds, but it is not good at letting water through.

You can lay artificial grass on to concrete we would suggest using more sand then 15mm depth. In this case your membrane choice could be for a woven membrane, you would need to consider drainage in your garden in this case, as water can pool easily with nowhere to go. Make sure any membrane used is folded or pegged in correctly, especially at the edges, you don’t want the lower layers to be escaping over time.

Now add your artifical lawn, make sure you pin or glue it down securely. Enjoy your newly renovated space. Just keep a brush handy to keep if you need to clear any leaves.

At Spudulica we specialise in small geotextile cuts so you can get your hands on commercial grade membranes for your own household projects,

We supply in 2x widths 2.25m or 1.1m at a variety of linear metres. Both woven and non-woven in stock!

Check out the links above for sizes, any queries message us at


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