Geotextile sizes – How do I get the size I need?

What is a geotextile membrane?

A geotextile membrane is a construction product used in ground and drainage projects. It has many properties that help with stabilisation, filtration, separation, weed suppression and is a necessary addition to French drains and Soakaway systems.

Need more infomation and an introduction to the types of construction fabrics and their uses please see one of our previous blogs.

Geotextile fabric both woven and non-woven are supplied by standard in large rolls usually around 4.5mx100m length, so are even bigger!

This is because as a construction fabric, it is usually needed to cover larger areas.

At Spudulica Home and Garden we started cutting down these construction grade fabrics to allow access to these high quality fabrics for more DIY and domestic projects.

100GSM Non woven geotextile in an EcoGrid installation.

At Spudulica Home and Garden we stock a wide range of non-woven sized pieces at 2.25m width or 1.1m width also cut woven sizes to your requirements as well.

But for those medium sized projects we also have cut down roll sizes at

2.25x100m or 1.1mx100m perfect for those larger jobs also with the convenience of all the fabric being on a roll.

Need a specialised warning layer? we have got your covered

Woven geotextile used as an underlay in a garden bed before bark added.

Don’t for get to secure down your geotextile

pins and specific cut sizes


We work with the area m2 measurement, to work out our sizing just check out length and width measurements. So 2.25x10m = 22.5m2 don’t forget to add in any overlap requirements if you have an irregular shape or need multiple pieces to completer your geotextile layer. Overlap should be at least 30cm along each join, more if you have an area of heavier traffic.

Any queries give us a call and we will be happy to help. 

We can source higher GSM rolls also at your size requirements – 0151 515 1415


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