Grass manhole covers – How do they work and How to Install

How do grass manhole covers work?

A grass manhole cover is a new innovation that allows you to to have a practical manhole cover that can blend in with a grassed area. No more unsightly metal areas in your lawn or outdoor area.

Grass top manhole covers are fully tested to require loading and building regulations.

Grass top manhole covers are a recessed tray design with as minimum depth of 100mm. The recessed trays are factory fitted with specialist geotextile membranes to allow for the addition of soil and grass to the recessed tray.

Woven geotextile to help stabilise soil and prevent the soil leaching through the bases holes over time. Non-woven geotextile to help with drainage od water from the cover to prevent water logging in heavy rain. The recessed trays base has drilled holes to allow for water to be released.

Soil is added and slightly compacted to fill the tray then the soil can be seeded with grass or pre grown turf laid over the top. Just be sure to fill so that the try is filled to the same level as surrounding ground.


Do grass top manhole covers need a lot of up keep?

Once installed successfully you may need to keep an eye on the sown grass seed or laid turf to be sure that the grass is growing well, it may need some extra watering in the first few weeks. Once this grass is established it should be a case of general up keep that you would do to any lawn or grasses area.

How do I install a grass access cover? – Fitting steps

  1. Remove old lid and remove the old frame and cement holding it in place (don’t fall into hole)
  2. Mix your premixed cement with some water to make a cake mix type slightly stiff consistency
  3. Add the mix around the hole where the cover will sit
  4. Place the cover down on the mix and use the hammer gently to level the cover into the mix at the same height as the surrounding grass, check with a level.
  5. Allow the mix to set overnight,
  6. Lift out the tray from the frame to check ease of lifting.
  7. Fill the tray of the cover and surrounding ground with your topsoil / compost. Fill level if using seed or 20mm lower than surface if using rolled turf
  8. Place tray back into place
  9. Spread grass seed and wait for growth or roll out turf and compact into the cover and surrounding ground.
  10. Job done!

Need more grass manhole information see are other Blog

Need one for your garden, link to our product page – various sizes avaliable


What do grass manhole cover look like?

Here is a variety of covers avaliable and an image of an intalled cover.

Please note depending on the covers size it may have additional securing points and larger corners to help with lifting.

If your unsure how your’s may look just give us an email and we can confirm appearance – Get in Touch

Remember you need to measure internal sizes if you want to replace your cover.

Dont settle for an ugly manhole cover in your lawn or garden, replace it with a practical secure and appealing alternative.



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