How do I disguise an external manhole cover permanently?

How can I disguise an external manhole cover permanently?

Your out in the garden preparing for your next project and have discovered an unwanted sight, yes a manhole or access over now resides in your new project area.

Firstly do not be tempted to just cover it up and hope you never have a problem as this could lead to bigger issues in the future. Best to tackle it head on and work with what you’ve got. Be aware any manhole cover on your property must be maintained by you and have access at all times.

Checks to do if you uncover a manhole cover,

  • Generally check its condition by eye.
  • Give the cover and area around a clean to allow for closer inspection.
  • Does the manhole cover fit well and securely?
  • Can you find out from the cover itself what it is covering?
  • The manhole cover will usually have lifting points; are these clear?
  • Does the manhole and frame have any breaks or damage?

You may want to do some further investigation as to what your cover is covering; it will most likely be part of the sewer network and not just your home but possibly for your neighbours as well.

If your manhole cover is now in an area that is clearly visible and impacts the use and vibe of your new flooring don’t worry there are options out there to help.

You can look to replace your existing manhole cover with a recessed tray option. While the new paving is being laid you can then continue to have access to the drainage and little disruption to the aesthetic or if you have an area of planting or lawn you may want to look at our range of grass infill manhole cover options.

External recessed manhole or access covers come in multiple sizes that can suit your original manhole sizing or your flooring design.

Just be sure you measure up for your new cover and frame.

At Spudulica we stock a range for internal recessed manhole covers ready to hide any unexpected flooring interruptions.

Need any more advice give us a call on 0151 515 1415

Or take a look at our handy blog section we have multiple manhole cover blogs to choose from 

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