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When laying geotextile fabric woven or non-woven you need to make sure any edges are overlapped to create a continuous surface for the geotextile layer.  Providing a stable separation and stabilisation layer.

When deciding on the amount of geotextile required for your project you may need to factor in overlap requirements. Overlap is a sliding scale from 30cm – 1metre depending on a few factors

Make sure you consider

  • Firmness of sub-base – Firm and stable sub-bas will need less overlap.
  • Load – The higher the load the more the overlap required.

  • Type of movement on surface – lots of lateral movement may need a higher overlap to prevent gaps appearing over time.
  • Gradient – Slopes will require a large amount of overlap, in some cases seems will need to be sealed and pinned.

Geotextiles need to be overlapped at edges and at the ends of pieces.

This can be a major consideration if you are covering a large area that will require overlap.

Check out our blog on connecting geotextiles if you need more info about securing your geotextile edges/overlap with pegs, pins or tape.


A great point is to plan to roll out your geotextiles with the least options for overlap so for example lay your roll or pieces out along the longest side of your area to start.

Some questions answered

How do you overlap geotextile fabric?

Just lay your two pieces over each other, just be sure to work out what overlap you require first. Also be sure overlap is consistent along the length of the pieces and nothing is stuck between the layers.

How do I place a geotextile?

Prepare your sub base for your project then lay out your first length of geotextile fabric; hopefully you have planned ahead for overlap requirements. 

Lay out your next piece next to your first piece where required to overlap then you can then pull the edges that need overlapping one over the other. Making sure to measure what is overlapped and keep it consistent along the overlapped edge. Then secure if needed.

How much overlap do I need?

30-100cm is recommended depending on the project see factors above.


What is a geotextile fabric?

Please see links to previous blogs that cover al you need to know – types explained and fabric uses specified.

Woven geotextile


non-woven geotextile


What is a geotextile membrane


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