This weeks blog is going to focus on one of the most loved garden plants.


Roses were developed in 18868 in France and over the years 300 types have been created. These vary in colour, size, fragrance.

All roses are perennial and can live and grow for a long time. Roses are also hardy plants (this can vary variety to variety) and can be used in any garden space. All roses also flower in summer.

There are 3 classes of rose plants and then within those 3 classes there are 4 types of rose.

1.Old Roses – these roses are varieties that have not been changed since their creation in 1867. They tend to be very hardy, flower once a year and have a strong fragrance. They also require very little pruning. For example, Green rose or Lady rose varieties.

  1. Modern Roses – These plants take the best of the old roses mixed together to create newer varieties that have diverse colours, sizes blooms and fragrance. For example, Amber queen variety. Will need a bit more looking after and protecting in winter.
  2. Wild Roses – These roses grow wild and can be found anywhere. They usually have 5 petals and are very easy to maintain and need no protection from cold/frosty weather. For example, rugosa rose variety.

Also rose varieties are plants that respond well to feeding with mulching or specific rose food.

What makes roses great is their versatility within the garden they come in 4 types miniature rose, shrub rose, tree standard and climbing roses.

Miniature roses are ideal for pots and can grown on a window sill or indoors. Climbing roses can be trained over arches, pergolas, up walls to create a real garden statement. Shrub roses repeatedly bloom and can be used as hedges or ground cover. And a tree standard rose would make a perfect centre piece to any garden. They even grow well in pots for those of us with limited space.

Roses do need protecting from those garden pests and do have a series of diseases that can also strike. But they are definitely worth it! Nothing brings more joy than the new bud on a rose plant.

I have a miniature red rose, a climbing yellow rose and a purple shrub rose in my own small urban garden, most of it is pretty sheltered and the roses still bring beautiful colour each summer. so go on what you waiting for!!

(pictures feature my own garden roses)

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