The Diverter Kit – What is it and what does it do?

Do you have a water butt in your garden?

Do you want to save money and time watering your plants?

Well a diverter kit can be a snall and inexpensive purchase you can use for years to come.

Also known as a Downpipe diverter, water butt diverter, rain water diverter. They are all different terms for the same item.

These handy kits can make saving rainwater simple. Harvest the water from downpipes as the rain falls; leaving you a full water butt and a ready supply of water for your garden, pots, car, washing muddy boots etc.

What is a rain diverter kit?

A rain diverter kit is a small device that diverts rainwater from your down pipe into your water storage device such as a water butt.

How does a water diverter kit work?

A diverter kit is a small device that you fit onto your household downpipes to move rainwater into your garden water storage device. It is placed into your down pipe and connects via a hose to your water butt for the water to flow into.

How do you fit a diverter kit?

Its simple 30mins then your done.

  • Mark the height of your water butt (with stand if you use one) on the downpipe.
  • Cut the downpipe a little down from that mark approx., 3-5cm.
  • Attach the diverter kit to the downpipe and re-attach the cut piece of pipe.
  • Cut a hole into the water butt level or a little below the level of the diverter.
  • Fit the connector hose from the diverter kit to this hole make sure its secure with supplied washers and locking nuts.
  • Wait for rain to check your connections are secure and your water butt is filling nicely.
  • Occasionally check for blockages or leaves etc.

What happens if my water butt is full?

A diverter kit has a handy feature when the water butt or storage area is full the kit then stops water from entering the water butt and allows it to flow back down the down pipe.

Do I need a specific kit for my water butt?

No most kits are universal you just need to check your down pipe diameter so you get a good fit when installing. Most water butts have the same ¾ inch connectors needed already to be used.


Do I need a rain water diverter?

DO you want to save money?

Save time?

There are many advantages to a water butt diverter especially if you already have a water storage device at home. It takes a small amount of time to fit and the cost is also small, allowing you to maximise the water you can collect with no effort.

Perfect for those times of low water availability you can happily water your plants while your neighbours watch their lawns and plants wither.

Diverter kits at Spudulica –


  • Diverts rainwater from the gutter’s downpipe to fill the water butt
  • Fits standard 68mm round and 65mm square plastic downpipes
  • Stops diverting water once butt is full
  • At least 75% recycled plastic

Don’t delay or let hose pipe bans get you down!

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