The March Garden

Yes Spring is here….. The first month of spring is here, it’s a tricky one weather wise; but there are still things to do in the garden. You’ve probably noticed out and about that spring bulbs are starting to appear let’s hope they are also adding some colour to your garden and bringing some joy after the snow of the last few weeks. Day are now lengthening, and the clocks will change very soon! (Sunday 25th March) Let’s be aware that even the weeds will be taking advantage of the improved weather. Weeding Is a never-ending job but can be done in conjunction with mulching. This will help provide a little boost to your soil for a new growing season and cover weeds in one job. Please see a previous blog that expands on the mulching process. Also watch out for those slugs and snails about trying to get your new shoots and growth.  Depending on what you have for outdoor space your spring jobs could be easily completed one afternoon or you might need a week. For those of us just starting out here are a few ideas to get you started. March jobs (general)
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs
  • Feed your lawn
  • Mow regularly – this will help to keep new growth healthier
  • Plant herbs outside
  • Feed and water plants regularly
  • Put out grow bags
  • Take cuttings
  • Prepare trays for sowing seeds (indoor)
Lest keep busy in the garden all this prep will only add to the joy to come. But let’s be realistic the weather will continue to keep us indoors sometimes. Wind, rain, and even snow is still on the radar. Just remember this is the start of the growing season everything is gearing up to the warmer weather to come. The excitement is growing………………………………………… as is everything in the soil! Also hope you like the pictures that are bring me joy from my own garden and local area!

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