Water warnings around Britain and a hose pipe ban in N. Ireland.

Not good news for the plants in this HOT weather!

My own garden has enjoyed he sun and has grown massively; but as the heat continues some items are looking a bit scorched. Over the weekend I received a text message from my water company asking my household too do a few things to help save water in this dry spell due to a massive increase in water usage. These tips would help to prevent a hose pipe ban and keep water pressure to its usual levels especially at peak times.

They suggested –

1.Turn off garden sprinklers

2.Take shorter showers

3. No baths

Simple things that hopefully can help over the next few days. I know I have stopped watering the garden with the hose and started using my watering can so still able to keep my plants watered and use less water.

Do you have a washing u bowl?? Any waste washing up water can help the garden.

Now is the time for that water butt to come into its own, lots of rain in march will hopefully have topped it up ready for this hot spell. Guilt free watering.

Water at the correct time, have you watered your plants when the sun is hot? Much of the water can be lost to evaporation. Also do your plants need a water? Check about a spade length down is it wet or dry? If it is wet leave until another day.

General household jobs can also help to save water –

Keep the car dirty

Does the paddling pool need a top up? or completely refilling?

Hopefully we can keep our plants safe in this beautiful weather, and many can cut down usage to prevent a hose pipe ban both indoors and out.

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