What is Garden Edging and Do I need It?

Garden edging is a product that can be made from a variety of materials to suit garden designs and budgets, essentially it’s a way to create a border in area of the garden. With lawns it can help to keep grass from growing into other areas. It can also be used on paths and around areas of planting like borders or trees.

It can be used to edge garden borders to create a defining line and a finishing touch. A benefit of edging is that it can also keep water in a designated area and stop surface water from flowing away. It is also another barrier to stop pesky garden pests. Finishing touches such a stones, gravel and chippings can also be kept in place with a simple edging pieces.

I’m sure from the reasons above your now thinking of an area of your garden that could benefit from some garden edging!!

Edging can come in a variety of shapes sizes and materials. It is a product that you can choose to suit your style and budget.

Brick, Wood, Stone, Plastic, Wattle, Brick are some example of edging materials used. Providing a wide variety of colour and texture you can add to any garden design. Really adding to your finished result. Like anything edging comes in a variety of styles and requires different levels of preparation and installation.

One of the cheapest is plastic garden edging. This can also come in a variety of sizes styles and installation methods.

At Spudulica we stock a range of fully recycled plastic garden edging, not only in 2 colours but in 3 different sizes. Our flexible garden edging solutions are also no dig options and are supplied with handy pins to secure your edging as you go.

Take a look at these images and see what can be achieved.

  • 60mm height options in green or black colour.
  • 45mm height options in green or black colour.
  • Black HD edging at 60mm or 80mm
  • Choose how much you need.

Plastic Garden Edging advantages

  • Easy to install – no need to dig
  • Flexible can be pinned into curves and circles * flexi edging not HD
  • Recycled
  • Can be reused
  • Resistant to PH and UV
  • Supplied with fixing pins

So the question is do you need it?

Once installed edging helps to keep your garden neat, at Spudulica you can also buy the lengths of edging you need with our variety of size options. What’s stopping you? A simple inexpensive option to add that final finish to your garden, no need to maintain or up keep; just concentrate on you next design ideas.

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