Winter Wildlife – What can you do at home?

Winter Wildlife in the garden

Cold weather, freezing rain, coupled with shorter days and longer nights make winter a hard season for wildlife. In your urban garden you can help local wildlife, a few quick actions can help birds, hedgehogs, butterflies and insects. Ready for a new spring season for these creatures to help your garden flourish. Also sharing the season of giving to every creature.


Don’t tidy away those leaves    

A tricky one if you have a lawn as usual advice is to keep the leaves off it to stop the grass dying. But you could always keep those leaves to a specific area to help butterfly larvae and other insects. The leaves can provide protection and food.  Make sure if you are collecting your leaves to check for local wildlife.


Leave out bird food

Winter makes it difficult for local birds to find as much food. Do you have any winter fruiting plants? Can you supply a bird feeder? Or you could make you own bird feeder (see a previous How To blog at Its easy and great to see local birds using it!

Bird boxes

Particularly cold and windy weather can help to shelter local birds, that can then re – use the same box in spring. Helping future species in you local area. If you already have a bird box make sure to clear it out to make it more appealing to future guests.

Clean water

Providing an area of clean water will help all local wildlife, allowing birds to bathe, hedgehogs to drink and maybe frogs and toads to have a dip before they dig in for winter. Make sure this water is kept clean and if it freezes make sure to break the ice so that it continues to provide.


Dead branches

Is your garden full of branches and twigs from the high winds? Could you collect them up an keep them in a corner of your garden for a hedgehog house?

Not everyone has the space but even a small space of twigs sticks, and leaves could help shelter wildlife for the winter. It could also encourage local wildlife to your garden. Hedgehogs hibernate Nov to March.  You could add your winder dead fall to you compost heap, its sure to be a home for local wildlife this winter.

Easy jobs that can make you feel good and provide for your local wildlife.

Just remember to keep warm and safe out in the wind and the rain; just think how hard it would be to live outside 24/7.


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