Woven or Non-Woven geotextile membrane?

Geo-textile membrane fabrics are specialist fabrics used for ground engineering. There are 2 main types that prove the most popular.
  1. A Black woven fabric comprised of black plastic threads woven together to create a strong fabric.
  2. A white non-woven fabric that is comprised of heat bonded synthetic fibres also creating a strong fabric.
Both are of a high quality and have both commercial and domestic uses. Both types are excellent for your project – but there may be a property of one that is more suited to your project. Below a table will list the most asked about properties of both to help you choose;
Black Woven White Non-Woven
Loading Strength – 20.0KN/M Higher loading strength than non-woven so better for areas of vehicular traffic. Permeability – 23 L/M2. S Thickness – 0.47mm Thinner than non-woven Puncture resistance – 1800N Higher puncture resistance than woven Slightly cheaper price per metre Loading Strength – 8.0 -KN/M Still a great strength for domestic use. Permeability – 100×10-3 M/S Higher Permeability than woven so better for soakaway/filtration and drainage projects. Thickness – 1.00mm Puncture resistance – 1400N All membranes should be laid on a prepared sub base to avoid punctures.
Both membranes are a cost-effective way of adding to the preparation of many projects. Including roads, driveways, gardening, French drains, soakaways, trench lining, horse arenas to name a few. It is always better to add a layer into your preparation for a better finish and longevity of your project. It is also super easy to buy what you need with us at Spudulica. We specialise in geotextile cuts to suit you! Widths of 2.25m and 1.1m by how ever many linear metres you need. Boxed and folded ready to be un folded in your work area. (geotextile can be supplied on a roll if of sufficient quantity of metres is ordered)

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