New Website Features

New Website – New Features We are hoping you enjoying our new look website, We wanted to show you some of its new features so you can shop quickly and easily find what you want. We have spent a lot of time and sleep less nights trying to get the best site together we could. […]

Why does my patio not drain?

Why does my patio not drain? When it rains do you have problems with puddles and standing water?  Be aware that  this may be part of a larger issue, if your garden patio or decking area is not draining it could lead to more problems. More impermeable surfaces has caused an increase in sanding water […]

SUDs – What is it and how can I be compliant?

SUDs stands for a Sustainable urban drainage system. A SUDs complaint drainage system will help to reduce human intervention with the water cycle especially the increase in surface run off. SUDs is a system to manage water locally and mimic natural drainage. Using systems that use infiltration, attenuation close to the water source or as […]

Threshold Drain/Channel Drain Connections A Focus

Does your patio or walkway need a drainage solution? Alusthetic threshold drains could be your solution. Make sure you have considered your drainage needs when re doing your patio or outdoor areas. This weeks blog is taking a specific look at the connectors and connections available for this aesthetic threshold drain system. A small but […]